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If you are able to volunteer (before, during, and/or after the science fair), please let us know. We need more volunteers to make TCRSF even better! Questions? Email us at volunteers@tcrsf.org or call (Contact Us). Groups of volunteers may also sign up to work together. Email or call.


We would prefer volunteers to register online so we have appropriate contact information. You may email or call us to update your registration preferences if that is helpful.


We would prefer volunteers work for a minimum of 3 hours. Some of the tasks below are longer. In those cases, some volunteers may prefer to work only part of the task time.


SHOES: Do not wear high-heeled shoes. There is a special floor in the Field House. You must wear rubber-soled, flat shoes at the University Field House. The building has an athletic floor surface that can be damaged by high heels or non-rubber soles. (Tennis shoes or walking shoes are certainly acceptable.)

PARKING: Information will be emailed to volunteers who have pre-registered on the website at least a few days before the fair.

FOOD: The fair provides a catered dinner (buffet style from Mintáhoe Catering and Events) and later some pizzas are added to the buffet for volunteer working through the dinner hour on Friday, February 24, 2017. All volunteers and judges are included in the dinner.



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