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Mentors touch the lives of students in a very profound way, offering experiences and guidance beyond the classroom setting. These experiences encourage students to pursue a science education and career, and have a lasting impact on the student, including predisposing them to someday mentor students themselves.


If you are willing to mentor one or more students on a research project, particularly if you have facilities that can be used by the student for their project, please contact us (email: fairdirector@tcrsf.org). We frequently receive requests by students looking for further lab experience or facilities in which to research. When we have received a request from a student and we have a possible lab or mentor situation, the next step would be for the student to contact the potential mentor (likely first through email, then personal interview) to see if there is a good match between the student(s) and the mentor.


Teachers and advisors/mentors play a vital role in the science fair process. By registering as a teacher/advisor/mentor with TCRSF, we will be able to provide you timely information regarding the registration and SRC processing of your students. You will be able to access reports regarding the status of your students, as well as receive optional email notifications when your students register or when their SRC status changes.


The board of TCRSF is here to help! If you have questions please email or call us (Contact Us).


Students are encouraged to enter both the science fair and the research paper competition based on the same work. Many judges look for some form of research paper with the project (exhibit) competition. Often the information on the boards, the research plan and bibliography, the abstract, and a bit of background information is sufficient for the paper (organized properly, of course)!


Remember these contraints on team projects or team papers

  • Team projects and team papers must include all team members in the registration
  • All team project members must be in the same division, grades 6-8 or grades 9-12.
  • All team research paper members must be in the same division, grades 6-8 or grades 9-12.


When your students are getting ready to register, please see Steps to Student Registration (PDF)


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