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A science project is an opportunity for the student to “cross train” academically: to develop critical thinking, project management, and presentation skills. When the student demonstrates the scientific method, uses repeated tests with a basic understanding of statistical analysis, is diligent in reading and learning background information, and can discuss the concepts of science suggested by the student’s experiments, the student is well on the way to having an award-winning science fair project. Very few curriculum opportunities provide such a cross-disciplinary learning experience as doing a science fair project. THANK YOU for giving your students this rewarding educational experience!


To see some of the teaching and learning objectives of science fair projects click here


The complete edited Mentor/Teacher Ken Mann's Science Fair Project Curriculum is available for your use!

For the complete PDF book click here


Science Fair in 5 Steps from the complete PDF book:

    Step 1 (PDF)
    Step 2 (PDF)
    Step 3 (PDF)
    Step 4 (PDF)
    Step 5 (PDF)


We are in the process of developing a “Teacher Packet” for use in the classroom. If you have suggestions, hints, or handouts to contribute, please send an email to fairdirector@tcrsf.org . We would be happy to credit you on any of your original materials that you share.


Jodie Hardenbrook, of Odyssey Academy, Brooklyn Center, MN; developed a Science Inquiry Project Checklist. Jodi has granted us permission to share/use her form. PDF or DOC (for editing)


Stephanie Lundorff, of Concordia Academy, Roseville, MN, developed a Project Timeline (DOC) and granted us permission to share her form.


Additional Forms and Information: (this section is being developed and will be updated as more becomes available)

  • Project Assignment Sheet - PDF or DOC.
  • Suggested Packing Checklist for Competing at the Fair – PDF or DOC


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