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Before the experimental part of the project may begin, the teacher/mentor and the parent/guardian of the student must review the student’s research plan to be sure that it is safe, ethical, and properly supervised.


Many projects also need to have the research plan pre-approved by the school IRB or the local SRC These projects usually involve one or more of the following: human subjects (even for a survey), vertebrate animals, PHBA (potentially hazardous biological agents) which include blood, body fluids, tissues, tissue cultures, bacteria, viruses, anything cultured, molds, slime molds, fungi, and more, or projects using potentially dangerous materials, tools, or procedures. If in doubt, ASK! See our Forms page.


Click here to open a PDF of a check list of forms to print for each student.


Form 1 is your guide to what additional forms are required for each project. For additional help, see the Rules Wizard or ask src@tcrsf.org (include student name, grade, and complete research plan)


See also Steps to Student Registration (PDF)


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