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  1. For middle school (grades 6-8 only) students, is there an alternative form that covers the requirements of the ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) SRC (Scientific Review Committee) forms paperwork?

    Yes. There is a choice this year for grades 6-8 only. The original project forms may be used OR students in grades 6-8 only may use the new simplified middle school form instead of forms 1, 1A, 1B, 2 and 3. This simplified form has all the same information as the ISEF forms and is provided as an alternative for students in grades 6-8. Please be advised, that for team projects, you will need a page 2 signed by each student and their parent. The research plan and abstract are also required for all projects.


    All projects (including middle school projects) that use human subjects, vertebrate animals, human or animal tissues, potentially hazardous biological agents (blood, tissues, body fluids, cultures, bacteria, mold, fungus, virus, slime molds, and so on), or other hazards, or those who do some or all of their project at an industrial setting or a regulated research lab including at a hospital, industrial setting, college, tech school, university, or other research facility, must use the required additional forms for that type of project.


  2. Can I enter the Twin Cities fair directly if my school does not have a science fair?

    Yes. However, if your school does not have an IRB (Internal Review Board) that has not pre-approved your project research plan, then you may have to have your project approved by the TCRSF’s SRC. If in doubt, email your complete research plan to src@tcrsf.org with your name and grade (6-12).


  3. Can I enter both a project and a research paper on the same work, or must they be different?

    Yes. You may enter BOTH a project AND a research paper and they may be identical: based on the same research, experiment, and results.


  4. Can I enter more than one project or more than one research paper in one year? Or can I do both an individual project or paper and be a part of a team project or paper in one year?

    No. You may enter only one project and only one paper. The paper and the project may be the same or they may be different. A project or paper that starts as a team project must remain a team project or paper for the entire year. A project or paper that starts as an individual project must remain an individual project or paper for the entire year.


  5. When is the next Twin Cities Regional Science Fair?

    The date and location of the next fair is shown on the home page


  6. How much is the entry fee for the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair?

    The fee is $20 per person for a research paper and $20 per person for a project. For team projects and papers, the fee is per person, NOT per project or paper entered so each person in the team will owe an entry fee. If a project requires electricity and signs up for electricity, that charge is $5, but is per project. Therefore a team project that requires electricity will pay $45 for a two person team or $65 for a three person team. An individual that enters both a paper and a project and does not need electricity would owe $40.


  7. Which fair do I enter? St Paul, Twin Cities, or Western Suburbs?

    Please see our Affiliations page for this answer. We will assign you to the correct fair based on your school.


  8. Where do I get the gold embossed seal for my Abstract form?

    The stamp or embossed seal is provided only at ISEF for international competition (grades 9-12 finalists) and is not required for school, local, regional, or state competition. The form may be used without the seal for TCRSF or state science fair. A plain Word document or printed poster may also be used for the Abstract without the form at school, local, regional, and state competitions.



    More FAQ questions will be added. Send us your suggestions!


    To ask a question, please email us to the appropriate email address, or to miscellaneous@tcrsf.org and we may add your question and the answer to this page! Thank you!!!


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