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Congratulations, students, on science projects well done! TCRSF’s Board Members and 3M, Ecolab, Dow Water & Process Solutions, Orbital ATK Alliant Techsystems, Inc., and Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing congratulate and honor your accomplishment in competing in the Twin Cities Regional Science Fairs!


If there are any corrections or additions to the awards list, please send an email to webmaster@tcrsf.org with what needs to be changed (from old version to new corrected version) and on what page (URL).


Awards list from 2016 fair (PDF) 2016 Statistics on TCRSF (PDF)
2016 Sponsors Award Winners (PDF) 2016 TCRSF ISEF Finalists (PDF)
Awards list from 2015 fair (PDF) 2015 Statistics on TCRSF (PDF)
2015 Sponsors Award Winners (PDF) 2015 TCRSF ISEF Finalists (PDF)
Awards list from 2014 fair (PDF) 2014 Statistics on TCRSF (PDF)
2014 Sponsors Award Winners (PDF) 2014 TCRSF ISEF Finalists (PDF)
Awards list from 2013 fair (PDF) Statistics on TCRSF 2013 (PDF)
Sponsors Award Winners 2013 (PDF) ISEF Finalists 2013 (PDF)
Awards list from 2012 fair (PDF)
Awards list from 2011 fair (PDF) Statistics on TCRSF 2011 (PDF)
Sponsors Award Winners 2011 (PDF) ISEF Finalists 2011 (PDF)
One page photo collage of 2011 (PDF)
Awards list from 2010 fair (PDF) Statistics on TCRSF 2010 (PDF)
Sponsors Award Winners 2010 (PDF) ISEF Finalists 2010 (PDF)
Awards list from 2009 fair (PDF) Statistics on TCRSF 2009 (PDF)
Sponsors Award Winners 2009 (PDF) ISEF Finalists 2009 (PDF)
Awards list from 2008 fair (PDF)
Sponsors Award Winners 2008 (PDF) ISEF Finalists 2008 (PDF)
Awards list from 2007 fair (PDF) Sponsors Award Winners 2007 (PDF)
Awards list from 2006 fair (PDF) Awards list from 2006 fair larger type (PDF)
Awards list from 2005 fair (PDF)
Awards list from 2004 fair (PDF)
Awards list from 2003 fair (PDF)
Awards list from 2002 fair (PDF)
Awards list from 2001 fair (PDF)
Awards list from 2000 fair (PDF)









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